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Moto Tours Japan, first official Ducati Travel Partner in Japan
Live a unique adventure in the land of the rising sun on your beloved Ducati with Moto Tours Japan, first official Ducati Travel Partner in Japan.

Moto Tours Japan, the first official Japanese Ducati Travel Partner, will offer you the unique  experience of a Ducati Tour in the Land of the Rising Sun. We can organize tour with any model in Ducati official lineup. The peerless sensation of riding on the Ducati of your dreams to reach Tokyo’s futuristic street, ancient and luxurious Kyoto, Chirihama beach’s roads on the seaside and then Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan. Come to Japan and live with us the touring experience of a lifetime.




Tour Menu

Ducati Kanto Tour

Dogashima’s relaxing hot spring, the view from the Ashinoko Skyline and Mount Fuji, symbol of Japan. This tour is specifically made to let you enjoy all these unique pieces of Japanese culture in the trip of a lifetime.

5 days 4 nights from ¥230,000


Ducati Dragon Route Tour

Can you imagine? Riding on a rising dragon shaped road to reach the world heritage Shirakawa-go, Noto Peninsula, stage of the Genpei war, and Chirihama, the only riding beach in Japan. An unforgettable riding experience!

5 days 4 nights from ¥205,000


Ducatisti Japan Tour

An adventure perfect for real DUCATISTI, a dream travel to be lived riding on dream vehicles like DUCATI, to discover the dramatic Sanriku coastride and the legendary beauty of Sendai, the unique Chirihama beach ride and the beautiful Alps area, all starting from Mount Fuji, symbol of Japan

14 days 13 nights from ¥532,000


Custom Tours

Create your own special tour with us. Choose your preferred dates, schedules and activities and our professionists will help you creating the touring experience of your life!


DOC Special Tours

At Moto Tours Japan we have a special treatment for DOC and we are proud to invite them to Japan end to offer them our special services to live toghether this adventure of a lifetime.
We are looking forward to welcome DOC from all over the world!


Vehicles Menu

Here you are the whole Moto Tours Japan Ducati lineup. As the biggest Ducati dealer in Japan, we are proud to introduce you our newest models.
FInd the Ducati vehicle of your dreams.
*according to the model, there are vehicles with no top case option available; please confirm when inquiring.