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Tour in Japan 

Our Tour

Tours with our guides

Our experienced tour guides will lead you by motorcycle. We will also provide a support van and member of staff to carry your luggage during the tour, upon request.

Self-guided tours

This is for customers wishing to ride their own tours, at their own pace. We will provide map details and a guidebook with recommended places by our staff.

Our knowledgeable staff can suggest information on where to find the best roads, from twisties to coastal roads.

Our motorcycles are from "Rental819" which is one of our group companies and the most famous motorcycle rental service company in Japan. They offer the latest models of motorcycles, all fully maintained, so that you can confidently choose your favourite model for your one-of-a-kind tour.

After a day's riding, relax and enjoy biker-friendly hotels and inns. We can provide a variety of accommodations, including hot springs with ocean views, to places where you can try the local cuisine.

Our staff will join you on tour not only to guide you, but also to lead you on unfamiliar roads, to recommended local restaurants and waypoints en-route to each day's destination accomodation.
※All members of our headquarters are trained in advanced life-saving skills.

Not only for carrying your luggage, but also in case of emergencies.

For your comfort and peace-of-mind, guided tours typically have 8 -10 customers

Tour procedures


Tour applications / Contact

・Click a "Book Tour" button of each tour information pages, and fill in the required information and submit.
・Once your application or contact details have been confirmed, you will receive an email from our staff.


Confirmation of customer application details

・Chosen tour details, dates, motorcycle type, and any other informatio will be confirmed.


Deposit payment method

・We will give you a tour quotation after confirmation of the tour contents.
・After confirming the tour quotation details are correct, we can proceed to the deposit payment .
・Your tour application will be successfully completed upon confirmation of your deposit.
・We will check your personal information, including your passport, domestic as well as International Driving Permit details.


Payment of tour fee

・Please pay the balance of the tour price minus the deposit 60 days before the tour starts.


Sending your guide book / route maps

・We will send your tour guide book/route maps upon confirmation of tour fee receipt.


Conduct of tour

・Please come to the chosen shop branch on the day of departure.

Terms and conditions of tours ・Licence holders of 18 years old or over will be allowed.
・International Driver's Permit
・Credit card (in the name of the cardholder only, not in another person's name)
・Please click here to check and confirm whether your home country's licence is accepted in Japan

Ride in Japan

In this section we will inform you about the licenses and documents required to ride a motorcycle in Japan, traffic rules that you should know, etc. Please check carefully the legal documents and required items before applying to join a MOTO TOURS JAPAN tour. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to send us a message. In addition, we also introduce some tips regarding traffic, road conditions, fuel, etc. that are unique to Japan.

Just in case

Here we will inform you about the contents of the insurance, coverage, compensation, what do to in case of emergency, etc.
When traveling in a foreign country, it is important to have a clear idea of the insurance contents and what to do in case of emergency. We will welcome you with full support so that you can participate in the tour with peace of mind.

Japanese style (Coming soon…)

In this section we will introduce various topics that will help you enjoy your trip in Japan to a deeper level.
In addition to cultural and traditional contents such as seasonal foods, inn types, customs peculiar to Japan, famous places, etc., we will also update it with the latest information about modern Japan from time to time. Please take a look if you feel like it!