Japanese Treasure hunt in 16 Days!
Tokyo or Yokohama Departure / 16Days/ 15Nights

We proudly present our sixteen day Self-Guided Tour which begins and finishes in Tokyo or Yokohama, taking in the western side of Honshu, with delights such as Nagoya and Hiroshima. This tour includes Mt. Fuji, one of the most famous focal points on the Kanto tour, and Nagoya Castle which is a popular spot on our famed Shoryudo, or Dragon Route tour. These are just a few of the highlights from each tour. Another highly attractive part is to take a leisurely tour of tourist attractions such as Kyoto and Hiroshima. In off-the-beaten places such as Shikoku and Tottori, rarely visited on a single trip, you can enjoy a part of Japan unknown to the majority of travellers.
Discover the gems of a 3,000km motorcycle trip which are a treasure hunt throughout Japan. It's sure to be an unforgettable journey of a lifetime!

from ¥641,000

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Application deadline:1 month before the tour starts
*If you would like to do a self-guided tour but there is less than a month before the intended departure date, please send us an inquiry.
*Available season:Middle of March -  end of October

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Tour Facts


Day 1~4 Kanto Area
DAY 5 Hida・Takayama → Nagoya
DAY 6~7 Kansai Area
DAY 8~12 Chugoku・Shikoku Area
DAY 13~14 Hokuriku Area
DAY 15 Shinshu・North Kanto Area
DAY 16 Kanto Area
Days 16 days, 15 nights
Store Odaiba store / Ohta store / Tomeiyokohama  *You can choose!
Accommodation ★★☆☆☆  *All hotels are budget and economy type. You could be upgrade them here if you like.
Total distance 3,090km (plan)
Available season Middle of March - end of October  *Excluding specified exception period




History culture

*About Tour grading⇗ (under construction)

Included in Tour

  •  Vehicle's rental price with smartphone holder, top case and unlimited mileage*
  • Collision damage waiver (deductibles apply)
  • Insurance for driver, passenger and third parties
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system installed on the bike
  • ETC card rental
  • 15 nights overnight hotel accommodations in carefully selected hotels, and their breakfasts (Some dinners might be included depending on accommodation grade.)
  • Trip information Booklet including sample route map(data) designed by our professional attendant, with years of experience riding in the country and recommended facilities. 
  • Riders guide book with all the information you need to enjoy the tour
  • Emergency Road Assistance by the Japan Automobile Federation.
  • Possibility to leave luggage you don't need at the rental station until you return.

× Not Included in Tour

  • Air ticket
  • Medical/Travel insurance (We recommend to contract it at the home country, before arriving to Japan.)
  • Transportation to the rental station
  • Fuel
  • Lunches and dinners  (Some dinners might be included depending on accomodation grade.)
  • Helmets, gears and other optional accessories
  • Toll roads fees (to be calculated upon return to the rental station)
  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the "included in tour" section.


DAY1:Store → Hakone

The tour starts and heads for Hakone. Get into your stride by enjoying the twisty roads there! Then enjoy traditional Japanese-style wood craft, Hakone Shrine, etc., as you like. At night, relax at Gora Hot Springs.

DAY2:Hakone → Nishi-Izu

Enjoy the power of Hakone volcano in Hell’s Valley at Owakudani and the black eggs. On the Izu Skyline, you can feel the exhilaration of running along a ridge, Mt. Fuji, the sea, the mountains, and the clear blue sky on sunny days.

DAY3:Nishi-Izu → Kawaguchi Lake

Let’s enjoy the panorama created by the symbolic Mt. Fuji combined with the riding on Nishi Izu Skyline. At Numazu Fishing Port, enjoy the famous giant tempura dish, 'Kakiage bowl'. Oshino Hakkai, at the foot of Mt. Fuji has eight spring ponds with beautifully clear water, fed by snow melting from the mountain.

DAY4:Kawaguchi Lake → Hida-Takayama

Today you will go towards the Japanese Alps. You can stop by Suwa taisha Shrine, which is one of the oldest in Japan, consisting of four main shrines to nature herself. Then you will go to the beautiful Kiso road with its Narai-juku historic Post town from the Edo era.

DAY5:Hida-Takayama → Nagoya

Heading back to Nagoya along the Japanese Alps. We will stop at Seki, nationally famous for being the base city for most of Japan’s cutlery industry. Here we can have a unique look at an authentic katana forge at work. We will then go to Nagoya castle!

DAY6:Nagoya → Kyoto

Today you are visiting Iga-Ueno castle. After that, you’ll ride to Nara, the very first capital of Japan in the 8th century. Nara is most famous for the Todai-ji temple and its very large statue of Buddha within. Another wonderful feature of this lovely city are the freely roaming deer everywhere! Tonight you will stay in Kyoto!

DAY7:Kyoto Sightseeng (rest day)

Kyoto Sightseeing day. (The riding rest day) Please enjoy your free time exploring Kiyomizu temple, Kinkaku-ji, Gion area, Uji matcha green tea, Fushimi Inari taisha and so on…!

DAY8:Kyoto → Marugame

The first stop after leaving Kyoto is Rokko Garden Terrace where you can enjoy a large panoramic view, stretching from Akashi Strait to Kansai International airport. Then, cross the Naruto Bridge that spans the whirlpools and then onto Ritsurin Park, which has been designated as a special scenic spot.

DAY9:Marugame → Kochi → Dogo hot spring

From Kagawa to Hirome Market, the kitchen of Kochi in the south of Shikoku islands. The specialty here is the straw-grilled bonito tataki! Afterwards, enjoy a scenic ride on the Shikoku Karst, one of Japan's three major karst plateaus, and then spend the day resting in the Dogo Onsen area, famous for being the oldest hot spring in Japan.

DAY10:Dogo → Hiroshima

On this day, we will cross over several islands and return to Honshu on the “Shimanami Kaido”, which is a sacred place for cycling and has been selected by CNN as one of the 7 most amazing courses in the world. Along the way, you will be surrounded by the gentle sea breeze of Setouchi and the refreshing scent of lemon at Miraishin Hill, a garden made of chalk marble.

DAY11:Hiroshima・Itsukushima shrine sightseeing (rest day)

Hiroshima Sightseeing day. (The riding rest day) Please enjoy your free time taking in historical locations like Miyajima island and its famous harbour shrine gate, the A-Bomb Dome and its  museum, eating okonomiyaki (a teppan hotplate dish), and so on…!

DAY12:Hiroshima → Tottori

On this day, we will run toward the Sea of ​​Japan. After passing through the 1,300-year-old Ogami-yama Shrine, we will head to one of Japan's three major sand dunes at Tottori, that stretch out next to the sea.

DAY13:Tottori → Fukui

On this day, we will head north along the Sea of ​​Japan side. The highlight of the day is Amanohashidate, where pine trees grow on a long natural sandbar that extends beautifully like a dragon dancing in the sky from the sea. The view from the top of the mountain is truly spectacular. On this day, we will stay in Awara city in Fukui Prefecture.

DAY14:Fukui → Takayama

Today we head inland again to our first stop at Eiheiji, the Temple of Eternal Peace, famous as a training ground for Zen Buddhism. Next, we will visit the World Cultural Heritage Site of Shirakawago, a traditional, picture-perfect mountain village with thatched roofs. This day will make you feel as if you have traveled back in time several hundred years.

DAY15:Takayama → Kusatsu

Now we get to the penultimate day of the trip! We head to Nagano prefecture, home to the national treasure, which is Matsumoto Castle, as well as being a famous producer of wasabi, grown in natural mineral water. Spend your last night relaxing at Kusatsu Onsen, where the hot springs have a naturally sulphurous smell.

DAY16:Kusatsu → Store

Why not take a walk around the hot spring town of Kusatsu this morning? Once you get back on the bike, you'll ride the twisty roads around Mt. Haruna, heading towards your starting point back in Tokyo/Yokohama. Have a safe ride and enjoy until the end of this adventure!


Tour Price(per rider for twin share room)
Available season:End of March - end of October 
Excluding specified exception period(Tours will not be available during the following holiday periods):1/1-7, 4/22-5/6, 8/5-8/18, 12/16-12/31 (2024) ・ 1/1-7, 4/23-5/6, 8/4-8/17, 12/15-12/31(2025)
Motorcycle Price (Twin share)
P-3 641,000 yen
P-4 704,000 yen
P-5 739,000 yen
P-6 778,000 yen
P-7 887,000 yen
Tandem (pillion passenger) 448,700 yen
Accommodation option  Price
pre/after-tour stay arrangement from +15,000 yen (Single room from +28,000yen)
Single use +90,000 yen for 16 days

from ¥641,000

Option(Reservation required) /DAY  Price
Helmet(Day 2/and then daily) 1,100 yen (+220 yen)
Gloves(Day 2/and then daily) 330 yen (+110 yen)


Treasure option!! -Accommodation Upgrade-

This tour is a simple one focused on enjoying sightseeing, riding, and local interactions, consisting of budget-type hotels for the entire tour. However, one of Japan's iconic treasures, the "spirit of hospitality," is also found in Japanese-style inns and/or resort hotels strongly. Therefore, for those who would like to take a little break in a nicer accommodation during the tour or fully enjoy the experience of staying in Japan, we have prepared the perfect upgrade plan.

●About accommodations that we provide here (click/tap here)

Firstly, there is a traditional Japanese inns called "ryokans" in Japan, we include it in our tours alongside hotels. Compared to hotels, it may be challenging to determine the grade of each ryokan as their facilities and hospitality style differ. Therefore, we are roughly divided into the two types of accommodations as below.

① Budget / Economy / Business Type

② Hotel above Middle class / Ryokan


Only accommodations of budget, economy, and/or business type including  dormitory type.



Only accommodations of budget, economy and/or  business type.



At least 20% of the total tour itinerary comprises accommodations in relatively upscale hotels in that city or area.



At least 50% of the total tour itinerary comprises accommodations in relatively upscale hotels in that city or area.



All or most of the accommodations are relatively upscale in that city or area.

*The grade of accommodation is based on the evaluation within the respective city or region. Therefore, accommodations of the same grade may not necessarily have equivalent facilities and services as those in other cities or regions.
We will upgrade the accommodations to hotels above middle class and/or Ryokans for 2 to 4 nights out of the total 15 nights of the tour. (★★☆☆☆→★★★☆☆)
We will upgrade the accommodations to hotels above middle class and/or Ryokans for 6 to 8 nights out of the total 15 nights of the tour. (★★☆☆☆→★★★★☆)
*Number of upscaled accommodation along with upgrade depends on season and places, and you cannot choose places basically. *One group must be the same accommodation grade.(Room type can be chosen independently.)


About accommodation  Price
Upgrade 1 (twin share) +54,000 yen for 16days
Upgrade 1 (single use)  (including "Single use"additional price above.) +198,000 yen for 16 days
Upgrade 2 (twin share) +144,000 yen for 16 days
Upgrade 2 (single use)  (including "Single use"additional price above.) +378,000 yen for 16 days



Reccomended Motorcycles

Motorcycles available for this tour

 【About motorcycle class】

P-3 : About 250cc, P-4 : About 400cc - 800cc, P-5 : About 600cc - 1200cc P-6 : About 900cc - 1400cc, P-7 : About over 900cc and high price in a market


Selectable Departing Store

DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall 1F, 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-0091, Japan
Tel : +81 03-3599-2235
Business time : 11:00 ~ 20:00 Everyday

1-5-7 Kitasenzoku,Ohta-ku,Tokyo 145-0062, Japan
Tel : +81 070-1279-3523
Business time : 10:00 ~ 18:30 Tuesday to Sunday (Tuesday holiday irregularly)   *Note: Holidays may change around public holidays.

5799 Nagatsutacho, Midori Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-0026, Japan
Tel : +81 045-924-6222
Business time : 10:00 ~ 18:30 Tuesday to Sunday (Irregular holidays on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays)    *Note: Holidays may change around public holidays.

<Nearest Airports>
■Narita Airport : An Airport where 100,000 per day are moving. Not only an extremely convenient ariport, but also a place full of the most popular souvenirs, art, subculture.
■Haneda Airport : Theultimate gateway to Tokyo. Haneda Airport is the largest airport in Japan, with the largest number of flights. It is also the airport with the best access from and to the city center.

Regarding tour payment

  • A 20% deposit on the total tour cost is required to confirm a booking. This is to be paid within 3 days of the application being done.
  • Full payment is required a minimum of 60 days before the tour starts.
  • In case of bookings within 60days before the tour starts, payment is required IN FULL at the time of the booking.
  • For security, payment must be made by credit card.
  • There is no security deposit fee.
  • In the case of cancelling the booking, our cancellation policy will apply.
  • Any change of tour contents will comport a handling charge.


  • Things you need to bring when riding a motorcycle: Helmet and riding gear (some limited rental is available)

  • Clothing when riding a motorcycle: Safety clothing and equipment for riding a motorcycle – jacket, riding pants, boots (not sneakers), gloves

  • Participation conditions: The driver must be 18 years or older, along with a valid motorcycle license in Japan.

  • Photos on the page are images only. Please note that the actual product or scene may differ from the image depending on the weather and season.