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Inner Spirit of Japan Guided Tour
Kyoto Ise Kii Peninsula

Osaka Departure / 7 Days/ 6 Nights

This touring course will allow you to feel the beauty of nature, such as the white wave crests of the Sea of Japan and the magnificent mountains in each season. You will see some of the most iconic location of Japan: Mount Koya, one of the most sacred places in Japan, Ise and its marvellous Ise Shrine and then Kyoto, the most beautiful and iconic city in the world, with all its marvellous temples and shrines. Above all, the riding course involves a variety of characteristics, such as diversely winding roads with beautiful scenery highly recommended by local people, and highways on which you can feel the thrill of cruising on a motorcycle, ensuring that you enjoy the entire time.

from ¥412,000

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2021 - 2022 Tour schedule

Please choose your preferred departing schedule.

This is a guided tour which will give you the possibility to enjoy Japan in total security with a tour guide and a support van accompanying you.

*Be aware that in case the minimum number of passengers is not reached, the tour may be canceled.


Tour Facts


Day 0  Briefing Day
DAY 1  Osaka → Koyasan → Shirahama
DAY 2  Shirahama → Owase
DAY 3  Owase → Ise
DAY 4  Ise → Kyoto
DAY 5  Kyoto Sightseeing
DAY 6  Kyoto → Osaka
Days 7 days, 6 nights
Store  Osaka Bentencho store
Hotel Rank ★★★☆☆
Total distance 900 km




History culture

Model Course

Day 0 

Briefing and Welcome Party

On the day before our departure, our tour guides will hold a brief meeting time to let you enjoy your tour in Japan in with security and fun. They will explain you Japan's riding rulse, peculiarity, Japanese culture and of course your tour schedule in detail. 


 Day 1

Osaka → Shirahama

Today, after our deprt from Osaka we will be arriving at Mount Koya, one of the sacred places in Japan, center of Shingon Buddhism founded by one of the most significant religious figures in Japan’s Buddhism, Kobo Daishi. Even being a small area, there is a full concentration of sacred places such as the Kongobuji temple, head temple of Shingon Buddhism and the Okunoin a 2 km walk to Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum. We will then ride our way through the mountains to arrive at our hotel in Shirahama, one of the most ancient hot spring locations in Japan, its name means “white bearch”, referring to a 500 meter long bright white sand beach, main attractions of this resort area. 

 Day 2

Shirahama → Owase

On this day we wil first arrive to peninsula's cape Shionomisaki, historical location of several encounters between Japan and foreign countries. one of them is a touching episode about a Turkish ship crushing on this area’s coast and the survivors being saved by local population, episode symbolized by the Turkish Memorial Museum. We will then move to Kumano, city full of nature, center spot of the Kumano prefecture and popular power spot, part of the ancient Iseji pilgrimage route. We will then ride to the coast to arrive on our beautiful resort in Owase to relax while enjoying the sea view.

 Day 3

Owase → Ise

This day will be a whole coast riding day. We will depart from Owase, all the way to the north, enjoying the beautiful north-east coast of the peninsula. After a luxurious lunch on the sea, we will continue all the way to the north to arrive at the Ise temple, , a massive shrines group consisting in 2 main complexes, the Naiku (Inner Shrine), dedicated to Amaterasu Omikami, one of the most important deities of japanese shinto and Geku (Outer Shrine), dedicated to Toyouke, the deity of house keeping and nurture. We then arrive at our hotel in Ise area.

Day 4 

Ise → Kyoto

Today we will return on the mountains, departing from Ise and riding through Mie region, all the way to Nara, to go one more time to the north on some cury mountain roads with destination Iga, the land of ninjas. Here we will arrive at an authentic ninja museum, built into an original ninja house, full of surprises, hidden escpe routes, hidden doors and much more. We will be also able to attend ninja shows and to learn about the ancient ninja culture. We will then continue all the way to Kyoto, to rest and prepare for our grat Kyoto visit day.

 Day 5

Kyoto Sightseeing

Today we will rest from the riding to see the iconic city of Kyoto, one of Japan’s most popular cities. Emperor residence until 1868 year, this city’s main feature is the presence of an enormous series of historical treasures and certified world heritages, like the Kyomizudera, or the Gold and the Silver Pavillions. Characteristic is also the Gion area, the ancient amusement quartier, where, if you’re lucky, you can occasionally see an authentic maiko, an apprentice geisha.

Day 6 

Kyoto → Osaka

On this last day, we will be visiting the museum dedicated to Hikaru Genji, historic and, more, romantic figure of japanese history, protagonist of the famous japanese narration Genji Monogatari (The Tales of Genji) to learn about Middle Ages Japanese culture trough the life of this iconic figure. We will then go to Mount Koya, one of the sacred places in Japan, center of Shingon Buddhism founded by one of the most significant religious figures in Japan’s Buddhism, Kobo Daishi. We will finally visit Nara. First capital of Japan before Kyoto and Tokyo. Nara is famous for the Todaiji temple and its Daibutsu, a large Buddha bronze statue. Another main features of this magic city is the presence of free deers walking absolutely fearless along the place. We will then return to Osaka to return our vehicles. See you on your next ride!


odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery


Motorcycle Price
P-3 412,000 yen
P-4 435,000 yen
P-5 452,000 yen
P-6 463,000 yen
P-7 482,000 yen
P-8 503,000 yen 
Tandem 288,400 yen
pre/after-tour stay arrangement  from +10,000 yen (Single room from +20,000yen)

from ¥412,000

Option(Reservation required) /DAY  Price
Helmet(Day 2/and then daily) 1,000 yen (+200 yen)
Gloves(Day 2/and then daily) 300 yen (+100 yen)
Touring Net(Day 2/and then daily) 100 yen (+100 yen)


Types of Motorcycles *To Rental819 website

P-3 : About 250cc, P-4 : About 400cc - 800cc, P-5 : About 600cc - 1200cc P-6 : About 900cc - 1400cc, P-7 : About over 900cc and high price in a market


Departing Store

Osaka Bentencho Store

2-chome-9-22 Yunagi Minato-ku,Osaka
TEL 06-4395-0051

<Nearest Airport>

Kansai International Airport
International airport located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay. In 2016, 25.2 millon of passengers using this airport made it the busiest airport in Asia. Consisting of 2 terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Terminal 1, with it'S lenght of 1.7 km is officially the longest airport terminal in the world.

Included in Tour

  • Guide on motorcycle
  • Support Van
  • Vehicle’s rental price

  • Collision damage waiver

  • ETC card

  • ETC fee
  • 6 nights overnight hotel accommodations

  • 6 breakfasts/6 dinners
  • Route guide

  • Tour map

  • Tour road book

Not Included in Tour

  • Air ticket

  • Lunches

  • Helmets, gears,and other optional accessories

  • Pannier case
  • Gasoline

Regarding the payment

  • A 20% deposit on the total tour cost is required to confirm a booking. To be paid within 3 days after the application is done.
  • Full payment is required until 60 days before the tour starts.
  • In case of bookings within 60days before the tour starts, full payment is required at the time of the booking.
  • The payment shall be done by credit card.
  • There is no security deposit fee.
  • In case of cancellation of the booking, our cancel policy will apply.
  • Any change on tour contents will comport a handling charge.