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To The Core of Japan's History Tour Chubu

xxxxxx Departure /5Days/ 4Nights

This touring course will allow you to feel the beauty of nature, such as the white wave crests of the Sea of Japan and the magnificent mountains in each season. We offer any kinds of motorcycles for rental, so you can enjoy touring Japan’s Chubu area The course travels through breathtaking locations including: Noto on the coast of the Sea of Japan; towns with historic places such as Please spend a tranquil time staying at hot spring resorts by night to unwind at the end of each day and enjoy special cuisines with locally produced ingredients. Above all, the riding course involves a variety of characteristics, such as diversely winding roads with beautiful scenery highly recommended by local people, and highways on which you can feel the thrill of cruising on a motorcycle, ensuring that you enjoy the entire time.

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Tour Facts


DAY 1 Store → Sekigahara → Mount Ibuki → Gifu
DAY 2 Shirakawa-go → Nanto → Nanao
DAY 3 Noto → Wajima → Chirihama
DAY 4 Matsuyama → Kanazawa → Funatsu
DAY 5 Sakai → Kuzuryu Lake → Store
Days 5 days, 4 nights
Meal 4 Breakfasts
Hotel Rank ★★★☆☆
Total distance 997 km
Riding season Summer




History culture

Tour content

 Day 1

Sekigahara and Mount Ibuki

Located in Shiga prefecture, Sekigahara is famous for being the battlefield of one of the biggest and most important civil battles of all Japan's history, hold in October 21, 1600 year, which made all the power in the hands of Tokugawa Yeyasu, first Shogun of Japan. Once you reach the main battlefield, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of the battle's last moments. Nearby there is Mount Ibuki, 1,377 m high mountain located between Shiga and Miabara, it is the highest mountain in Shiga prefecture, famous for its natural flower fields and its fascinating scenery, which changes in every season.

 Day 2


UNESCO world heritage since 1995, it is one of the most popular architectural site in Japan as a wonderful example of gassho-zukuri, an architectural style whose name means "constructed like hands in prayer", as the farmhouses' steep thatched roofs resemble the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer.
The architectural style developed over many generations and is designed to withstand the large amounts of heavy snow that falls in the region during winter.

 Day 3


Located in Ishikawa Prefecture, next to Noto Puninsula, it is also known as Gunkanjima, which means “battleship Island” due to its peculiar form. Its silhouette can be seen from Suzu coast, constituting a moving beautiful sightseeing, which made this little island the symbol of noto peninsula.



An eight kilometer stretch of beach along the Sea of Japan that is open to private
vehicles, allowing people to take a short ride right along the water's edge. Traffic
runs in both directions, and there is no charge for driving on the beach.

 Day 4

Motorcar Museum of Japan

Established in 1978 by Shoso Maeda, popular enterpreneur, with the aim to display his personal collection of cars, this musem is based on the concept of "preserve the wisdom of pioneers for the future generations". In this museum there are historically iconic Japan's comercial vehicles and ordinary vehicles showing the autheticity of the ordinary life Japan in the last years.  



Capital city of Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa, like Kyoto escaped the decstructions by air raids during WW2, keeping parts of the old caste town with its original buildings. Notable is Kenrokuen, extremely beautiful park, officially included betwen Japan's three best landscape gardens.

 Day 5


Head temple of Zen Buddhism Soto Sect, it has been founded by buddhist monk Dogen in 1244 year. It is a large temple complex, consisting more than 70 buildings connected by covered walkways and covering about 330,000 ㎡ area .



Motorcycle Add Passenger Option(Reservation required)
P-3 Add                                      + 0 yen Tandem Add                  +104,300 yen~ Helmet(Day1)                                    +1,000 yen
P-4 Add                         +17,000 yen   Helmet(Day 2/and then daily)      +200 yen
P-5 Add                         +31,000 yen   Gloves(Day1)                                           +300 yen
P-6 Add                         +44,000 yen   Gloves(Day 2/and then daily)           +100 yen
P-7 Add                         +62,000 yen   Touring Net(Day1)                                  +100 yen
P-8 Add                         +80,000 yen    Touring Net(Day 2/and then daily)  +100 yen


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Included in Tour

  • Vehicle’s rental price (with top case and pannier case)

  • Collision damage waiver

  • ETC card

  • 4 nights overnight hotel accommodations

  • Route guide

  • Tour map

  • Tour road book

  • Recommended dining, activities and facilities list

Not Included in Tour

  • Air ticket

  • Fuel and toll roads fee

  • Lunches and dinners

  • Helmets, gears and other optional accessories