Nankurunaisa~Tour Okinawa

Naha Departure /3 Days/ 2 Nights

The luxurious and fancy atmosphere of a tropic island. The multicolor and powerful influence of Chinese culture. The mysterious and light footprint of a long tradition made of nature deities and rural population which made this island an end in itself world different from anything you will ever find in this country.
Bright blue sea, white sand and the relax of remote islands where you will be able to enjoy the luxurious pleasure of becoming one with nature. All of this, riding on the motorcycle of your dreams. The touching trip of a lifetime!





Tour Facts


DAY 1 Store → Shuri Castle → Nuchimaasu Salt Factory
DAY 2  Emerald Beach → Kouri → Okuma
DAY 3  Cape Hedo → Ryukyu Village → American Village → Naha
Days 3 days, 2 nights
Store Naha Airport 
Meal 2 Breakfasts
Hotel Rank ★★★☆☆
Mileayaku 455km
Riding season Summer




History culture

Tour content

 Day 1 

Naha → Emerald Beach

Today, after some riding, we will start our visit from the Okinawa Shurijo Castle. Ultimated in 1429, until 1879 it was the riginal center of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The Castle presents a fascinating syncretism of both Japanese and Chinese architectural and artistic influences, the castle can be divided into three main zones, namely a central administrative area (including the Seidan and Ura), an eastern living and ceremonial space (behind the Seidan) called the Ouchibara (literally "inside field"), and a southwestern ceremonial area including the Kyo-no-uchi (literally "inside capital"). We will then move to Miyagi Island through a Mid-sea Road. 5 km long road located in Uruma area, linking the three islands of Hamahiga, Miyagi and Henza, to go and see a real salt factory. Then we will continue in a wonderful ride on the coast all the way to the Emerald Beach. We will end the day with a visit to the Okinawa Aquarium, one of the richest and most fascinating aquarium in the country. 

 Day 2

Emerald Beach → Okuma

On this day we will start first with a visit to the beautiful Emerald Beach, to then go on our motorcycle to ride on one more road on the seas to reach the beautiful Kouri Ocean Tower, on the island of Kouri. We will then move to the north to eaut our lunch at an original Coffee Farm to then go and visit the Natural ornitologic park of Yanbarukuina, located in Kunigami. Our day wil end in our beach resort in Okuma, drinking a tropical cocktail while enjoying the view of the Ocean.

Day 3 

Okuma → Naha 

On this dense day we will go all the way to the northn to the nothernst point of the Island: cape Hedo. We will then go on a beautiful coast ride on the east side of the island, to then curve to the West to reach the Ryukyu village, a park where to learn the history of the original populations of Okinawa and the RYukyu Islands. Other ride, other village: this time we will visit the American Village, this time to learn regarding the american occupation of the island after the Second World War while enjoying a real hamburger. We will then return to Naha to return the vehicles and have our last dinner together. See you on your next Japanese adventure!


odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery
odaiba Gallery


Motorcycle Add Passenger Option(Reservation required)
P-3 Add                                      + 0 yen Tandem Add                  +77,700 yen~ Helmet(Day1)                                    +1,000 yen
P-4 Add                         +13,000 yen Accommodation Helmet(Day 2/and then daily)      +200 yen
P-5 Add                         +22,000 yen pre-tour stay arrangement      +10,000 yen~ Gloves(Day1)                                           +300 yen
P-6 Add                         +29,000 yen after-tour stay arrangement   +10,000 yen~ Gloves(Day 2/and then daily)           +100 yen
P-7 Add                         +39,000 yen Twin room                                +0 yen~ Touring Net(Day1)                                  +100 yen
P-8 Add                         +51,000 yen Single room                     +10,000 yen~  Touring Net(Day 2/and then daily)  +100 yen


Motorcycles available for this tour

Departing Store

Okinawa Store

Address 〒901-0145
3-2-9 Takara, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL 098-851-8982
Business Hours Weekdays:10:00~19:00
Weekends and Holidays:10:00~19:00


Naha International Airport
Located in the city of Naha, Okinawa, this Airport serves sn average of 17 million passengers per year. Due to its pecutliar position, it is also used by the America Army and the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. It consists of 4 main Terminals, International Terminal, Domestic and LCCT Terminal and Cargo Terminal.

Included in Tour

  • Vehicle’s rental price (with top case)

  • Collision damage waiver

  • ETC card

  • 2 nights overnight hotel accommodations

  • Route guide

  • Tour map

  • Tour road book

  • Recommended dining, activities and facilities list

Not Included in Tour

  • Air ticket

  • Fuel and toll roads fee

  • Lunches and dinners

  • Helmets, gears and other optional accessories

  • Pannier case

Regarding the payment

  • Deposit for reservation is required within 3days after application is confirmed.

  • Balance payment is required until 30days before the tour starts.

  • In case of bookings within 30days before the tour starts, full payment is required at the time of the booking.
  • The payment shall be done by credit card.
  • There is no security deposit fee.
  • In case of cancellation of the booking, our cancel policy will apply.
  • Any change on tour contents will comport a handling charge.